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We started Selling in 1999 and are currently 19 countries. We make everything in house in Alicante Spain and currently have two warehouses and two labs with a third one being built right now. Our catalog has over 300 products with the categories of Protein, Carbs, Aminos, Pre/Post Workouts, Weight control(Fat Burners), Test Boosters, Fatty Acids(Omegas), Creatines, Cereals, Protein Bars, Vitamins and much more.

Our brand is been very successful because we only use the best quality ingredients that the world has to offer. Our Proteins are from Arla (arlafoodingredients.com) our creatine from Germany (Creapure, Kre- Alkalyn, MagnaPower) Aminos from Ajimoto Japan(Ajipure) Glutmine Kyowa also Japan. We pride ourselves in making the best products in order to bring RESULTS to athletes and fitness enthusiasts.


CFM Zero is 100 % pure with any added ingredients. It is a pure CFM isolated WPI Lacprodan® 90 from Arla®. It’s very low lactose, sugar and aspartame free. Gluten Free. Our Strawberry flavor has 24.4 gr of protein per scoop(30gr) that yields out 91.3% of pure Isolate protein per serving, the highest of the market. No blends o mix.

The best whey isolate protein on the market.

Whey protein isolate (CFM) . It contains CFM Whey Protein Isolate of great purity, excellent aminogram and maximum bio-availability, with one of the highest biological values ​​in the world. The whey protein isolate is the most advanced form of whey protein, with more than 90% protein and a negligible proportion of fats and lactose and gluten free. Thanks to a Biological Value (VB) higher than that of any other protein, the whey protein isolate contains high levels of essential and non-essential amino acids.

Where do we get our protein from?

Our passion for finding the best ingredients in the market led us to Arla® Foods in Denmark, the world’s leading company with the best qualities in the world of proteins. Isolate CFM Zero is pure 100% without additives for those who only need a pure isolate. We find in the final product a great quality of ingredients, very low in lactose and free of added sugars and aspartame. Arlafoodsingredients.com

Arla Foods sport nutrition. Superior quality ingredients for sports nutrition

Arla Foods Ingredients offers a range of unique high quality whey protein ingredients that are designed to deliver functionality and performance to the sports nutrition market, so everyone from recreational to professional athletes can benefit from the superiority of whey.

All our ingredients come with kosher and halal certification.

Which type of Isolate protein do we use?

On our Isolate we use (WPI Lacprodan 90) Containing at least 90% protein, whey protein isolate is a great choice for sports nutrition products. Our products deliver the unrivaled amino acid composition that comes naturally with whey protein.


One of Arlas Protein Lacprodan® is the proud winning concept of the Foods Ingredients Europe 2017 award in the category Performance Nutrition Innovation.

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